Alumni Impact Stories

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Shahina Johnson

Creative Studios

“Being taken out of your comfort zone and looking at decisions that made your organization vulnerable was tough. But the Chief Executive Program’s lessons helped me build skills that create even more value for our community and the support of my incredible cohort helped me share a vision more effectively with both partners and my team.”

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Guy Yedwab


“My ability to lead and manage strategically is now night and day to what is was before I entered the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy.”

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Shirley Sneve


“Getting to meet leaders from my industry and having access to them when I have a question has had a huge impact on my work. However, one of my best friends from the program is a woman who runs an aquarium in North Carolina. We’ve learned so much from each other.”

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Katy Clark


“I found it useful to talk to people who run organizations of different sizes. Leadership positions can be quite isolating. There was a trusting environment in the program which allowed you show up in ways you simply can’t in other places. It was liberating to talk leader-to-leader.”

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