Creative Community Fellows:New England

Driving transformation through arts and culture can be daunting, difficult and often lonely. Creative Community Fellows brings together cultural trailblazers throughout New England for a ten month fellowship to be part of something bigger, learning life-changing skills collaborating to see dreams become reality.


You are…

a creative change-maker in your community. You use the power of arts and culture to drive equitable social or physical transformations in your world, alongside local partners.


You have…

a good start, but want to advance your project to make an even greater impact. So you’ll need the curiosity, an open mind and determination to tackle the challenges ahead.



You’ll gain…

understanding of project strategy, human centered design, community partnerships and equitable leadership from a teaching and facilitating team of NAS staff, university faculty, artists, and organizers and leaders in the field. 94% of Fellows said they gained new skills relevant to their work.



You’ll use…

your new knowledge right away. Together, we’ll test, adapt and build on your work. You’ll walk away with clarity…and a game plan. 90% of Fellows said they shared learnings from the program with their collaborators and organizations.



You’ll join…

an incredible community of collaborators dedicated to learning from and sharing with each other. It’s a connected cohort that continues to support each other long after the program concludes.
Who Should Apply
You are an artist, community organizer, administrator or entrepreneur leading a project that uses arts-based approaches to create positive change in your community.

  • Your project is in motion or has been tested and is ready to scale
  • You live and work in: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont
  • You’re curious, open, and collaborative
  • You want to join a community of practice that will hold you accountable
  • You’re ready to contribute your skills and take the time to apply what you learn

This program is about action and we recognize that this work happens in stages. The most competitive applicants will be those who already have a good start:

Core Curriculum

STRATEGY: Clarify your project’s unique value and position in connection to your community

HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN: Learn a people-centered, cyclical process for developing and testing new ideas

EQUITABLE LEADERSHIP: Develop a growth mindset and a way of leading that stems from your values, holding equity at the center of all that you do

View the program curriculum.

Program Fee

Tuition for Creative Community Fellows: New England, including room and board at the Creative Community House and Launchpad in-person events, is free through the generous support of The Barr Foundation.

Program Stipend

Each Fellow will have access to a $10,000 stipend to help offset the costs of participating in Creative Community Fellows: New England. Stipends are taxable income and will be issued starting in 2022.

What Our Alumni Have To Say

asked questions

What are the key dates?

Program length: November 2021 – September 2022
Welcome Party (virtual): November 18, 2021 12:00pm-1:30pm
Winter Retreat (virtual): January 10-11, 2021 10:00am-1:00pm each day
Creative Community House: May 2022 (6 day retreat) in New England (dates and locations TBD)
Creative Community Launchpad: September 2022 (3 day retreat) in New England (dates and locations TBD)

What is the monthly commitment for online activities?
Most people tell us that monthly modules (happening Jan-March 2022) and associated optional virtual conversations take up 3-5 hours per month. Minimum of 2 hours per month of online learning and connecting during other months.
Do I have to have roommates at in-person events?
Yes, our program is set up so that lodging is shared. There are no single room options. Most participants tell us that this supports relationship building.
Who are the instructors?
Our teaching and facilitating team includes NAS staff, university faculty, artists and creative leaders from across the globe.
What makes a good candidate?
Someone who leads a project that uses arts-based approaches to drive change in their community.

  • Project is already in motion or has been tested on a small scale
  • Candidate connects deeply with community – forms community partnerships
  • Candidate is curious, open, and seeks to both learn and share with peers
  • Candidate centers equity in their work and seeks to deepen their knowledge and practice related to diversity, equity and inclusion
Is this program specifically for younger or emerging leaders?
No. The program is intergenerational and our participants come with a range of experience levels. The important thing is that the project has advanced beyond the idea stage.
What are the conditions of the $10,000 stipend?
Each Fellow will have access to a $10,000 stipend to help offset the costs of participating in Creative Community Fellows: New England. Stipends are taxable income and will be issued starting in 2022.
What about COVID-19 safety?
We are keeping safety at the forefront of our planning. We hope to be able to come together as planned for this program, and will monitor all local guidelines to ensure that we are doing so in a safe manner, making adjustments to program timing and design as required to keep Fellows and staff safe. For safety reasons and in adherence with public health recommendations, we ask that only those who have been vaccinated apply for this program. Should you have a medical or a sincerely held religious reason for not being vaccinated, please contact us to explore accommodations.