Don’t just survive.

Arts and culture leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in navigating an increasingly complex world, which all too often leaves them over-extended, under-supported and isolated. Leaders shouldn’t have to face these struggles alone, and now, they don’t have to. Introducing NAS Leadership Coaching…

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Clients say…


Are more confident managing change


Feel less overwhelmed


Feel less isolated


Are very likely to recommend their NAS Coach to a friend or colleague

Who we are?

NAS Coaches come from a broad and diverse mix of mission-driven, creative organizations across the arts and culture sector. As coaches, they understand the nuances of working within a discipline both in a non-profit setting and within the creative industries. Learn more about their diverse backgrounds, specialties, and coaching styles.


NAS Leadership Coaching Cycle


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  • Introduction Chemistry Call
  • Six 50-minute sessions delivered over 12 weeks
  • Up to three spot coaching sessions: 10-20 minutes via text, telephone, or email
  • Full support upon request for coaching rematch

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asked questions

What sets NAS Coaches apart?

NAS Leadership Coaches are different in a number of important ways:

  • Coaching in the arts and culture field is not new, but leaders can become frustrated when coaches lack nuanced knowledge about the sector. NAS Coaches come from a broad range of disciplines and geographies and are established leaders in their own right. Most have extensive experience guiding individuals and teams and are now putting a formal structure around what they’ve been doing naturally for years.
  • They are trained specifically to help leaders develop the innovative, nimble and inclusive mindsets they need to face and move through society’s current crisis, and the challenges and opportunities this presents the arts and culture field.
  • Through this crisis, NAS is hearing how alumni are returning to the tools learned in our programs. Where appropriate, NAS Coaches are able to offer clients the recently enhanced NAS Toolkit; a rich repository of various models, frameworks and other resources built from 20+ years in cultural leadership and learning.
  • Most coaches operate in isolation. NAS Coaches are a group of 20 seasoned arts and cultural leaders, forming a community of practice, research, ongoing learning and support during and after the program. This has benefits for both coaches and our clients.
Am I coachable?

To be really “coachable”, you should be able to answer “yes” to these questions. If you answer “no” to more than two you should perhaps pause from applying at this time.

  1. Do I shift comfortably from leader to learner?
  2. Am I interested in who I am and how I interact with the systems and people around me?
  3. Do I have an established habit of self-reflection?
  4. Do I consider myself resilient, solid and stable?
  5. Do I feel accountable to myself and others?
How is coaching different from mentoring or consulting?

NAS coaches are experienced leaders, but they’re not consulting or mentoring. While these professions’ communication skills – asking questions, active listening, summarizing, etc. – may be similar, they are very different to coaching. Counsellors are trained to help clients diagnose and deal with the past or dysfunction. Mentors are wise and trusted guides and advisors; people sharing their experiences while bringing their “mentee” up the ranks. Consultants are experts providing their advice, opinions and solutions. Consultants provide answers, whereas coaches work to elicit them from their clients. Your coach brings extensive expertise that forms the foundation to offer their coaching expertise, not the focus or particular topic being coached. Coaches are more results- and future-oriented.

My preferred coach is a very experienced leader, can they support me with consulting?

Mostly coaches will work to uncover their clients’ unique way of addressing the problem, on top of objectively understanding why and how the client is operating in this situation. In a few instances, coaches and clients may choose to work together to develop solutions to the clients’ challenges. In rare cases the coach will, at the client’s request, “take off their coaching hat” and provide some different perspectives as to how they might approach the issue.

What is included in NAS Leadership Coaching?

A cycle of NAS Leadership Coaching is comprised of:

  • An introduction Chemistry Call with your coach
  • Six 50-minute sessions delivered over 12 weeks
  • Up to three spot coaching sessions: 10-20 minutes via text, telephone, or email
How much does a coaching cycle cost?

NAS Leadership Coaching was designed to be accessible to the entire arts and culture sector. Affordable coaching is imperative to us, which is why a 12-week coaching cycle of six 50-minute sessions and up to three spot sessions costs $975, substantially lower than market rates.

What if I want to switch coaches?

If at any point during your coaching cycle you feel you are not working well with your coach, you can request for NAS to match you with a new one. We understand that mismatches can happen and want to ensure you have a productive relationship with your coach.


Starting with the completion of your introductory Chemistry Call, NAS will check-in throughout your coaching cycle to make sure you feel your coach is a good fit. In the event you request a new coach, we will use your feedback to pair you with a new coach in 7-10 days and your cycle of six sessions will start over.